Please rob me! Think before you tweet

This week, a new website was launched that illustrates just how easy it is to rob people on the basis of the information they post online. Please Rob Me uses streams of data from Foursquare, a popular social networking site that allows registered users to connect with friends and update their current location on a map for friends using the service to see.  Because a lot users also post these locations to Twitter, the information becomes publicly available, making it theoretically possible for burglars to check if you’re home or not.

Please Rob Me throws this issue into the spotlight in a humorous way. The site automatically scans Twitter feeds to find location check-ins that are being tweeted. It then shows them on its website and leaves the person who posted the location the following message:  

Hi @Someone, did you know the whole world can see your location through Twitter?

Although the chances that you’ll get robbed when you tweet your location are little. Please Rob Me still succeeds in pointing out the dangers of oversharing on the web.


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