Marketing insights for sale

Marketing renaissance 1For sale:
catchy buzz words, sale because of
purchase of new string of words.
Sound brandnew when used
by someone else.
Directions for use on demand,
0494 75 70 87


Marketing renaissance 2For sale:
Original AIDA-model, predecessor
of the AICDAS-model.
in good condition. Still
takes some people’s fancy.
0494 75 70 87

Are some marketing insights out of date?



These ads are part of a campaign for Marketing renaissance, a marketing congress.  It proves important insights can change and they do so very quickly in some fields. Part of those changes seem merely word games, but often a slight nuance is the occasion for change. Campaigns like these, among other things, bring to our notice that even the best marketing consultants need to stay alert to changes. And that might just happen to be the case for every function in an enterprise.

For those interested: the congress takes place in Ghent, at December 4th and 5th.
Source: De Standaard September 30th


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